All the beneficiaries of Uni2Grow engage them self to offer 100 hours during the school year, which will be used for social activities  for  the benefit of the territory.

We want to feed a virtuous circle to spread the will to share the benefits received.

The 100 Hours Project offer to the youths the possibility to develop and rule a personal project, in other to use the acquired competence having at his disposal the necessary resources and escort.

Otherwise, the scholarship holder has the possibility to invest himself in other ONG either national or international, next to experts in real initiatives.

In addition the 100 hour project has other positive side effects: creating a dense network between the local and other association, as well as strengthening the interpersonal relationships in the group of fellows, who define themselves as ̏ the Uni2Grow family ̋.

In practice, since 2012, in the territory of Dschang, the 100 hours project used well 9300 labor hours provided by the university students, in differentiated actions on the territory of Dschang. In particular, from the academic year 2018/2019 onwards, the 100-hour project follows the indications of Agenda 2030 for the implementation of its social and community activities, with the 100x2030 project.