Uni2Grow is a non-profit organization with headquarter at Lugarno in Swiss. It was founded on the 03rd May 2012 and is made up of a group of Italians and Suisse’s, principally of managers and professionals who operate under the domain of information technologies. Uni2Grow has social objectives and is principally active on the financing of scholarships for students throughout the African continent and particularly in computer.


To succeed in developing a humanitarian initiative that, by going beyond the logic of assistantship, can contribute to affirming new reference models for social assistance. Uni2Grow wants to set in motion a virtuous circle which, by combining the social goals of and association with the business  of a software company, creates computer skills, generates useful profits to finance scholarships and ultimately succeeds in giving the students concerned the opportunity to enter the word of work


For the financing of scholarships, Uni2Grow helps African students having capabilities on social plans, but have economic difficulties to access University principally under the domain of computerization or other scientific domains (ex. : mathematics, engineering).

The founders

Are founding members a group of Swiss and Italian people who gravitated in the field of information technology: Mr. Marco BOSETTI - Mr. Claudio BOSSI - Mr. Alberto DOSI - Mme Donatella FAVALLI - Mr. Roberto FRIDEL - Mr. Alberto MANDELLI - Mr. Corrado MORANDI - Mme. Alessandra MORDANSINI - Mr. Dante MORENZONI and Mr. Daniele STIVAN.

The assessment




The organization was recognized as nonprofit, by the Canton TICINO in March 2013.

Statut of the association uni2grow .