Since the adoption of the agenda post 2015, many people do not know until then what is that agenda 2030 or SDGs. This project will make known to the public SDGs and calendar 2030. It aims to raise awareness of the current challenges of the world address environmental, social and economic issues should be resolved by 2030 and its impact on their lifestyle. It allows to make the world understand that it is time to act and implementing SDGs requires ongoing participation at national and local level. It comes at a time when “Knowledge is power,” hence the need to be informed in order to act and leave a better world for future generations through our actions today.

To achieve this objective, we have adopted the following action plan:

  • Organizing radio conferences and debates on the agenda in 2030
  • Popularize 2030 calendar on the internet and more specifically the various projects undertaken by the fellows uni2grow association through this site we have developed

We hope to better inform on the agenda in 2030 and to be born in each other the spirit of innovation.

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