Support for training of Nzong High School students in Maths-Physics-Chemistry

Overall our project concerns the supervision of students in class examinations of the city of Dschang mainly in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Indeed given the difficulties observed in the disciplines mentioned and we decided to provide additional support to students questions to contribute to improved results in national examinations. This year we are working with about 140 students who are in grades first and end the GBHS de Nzong. Regarding the second work site whose target is for all students of the IPPR college in physics. The second phase of the project is to solve the various problems related to former exam subjects.

Project multidimensional support of youth CIBAEVA for greater social inclusion

This project aims to support young people in CIBAEVA several aspects. Academically we revisions workshop sessions, psychosocially a sponsorship program has been on foot for a change in behavior; the health aspect is very important also, a youth quarterly deworming is prepared with purpose, reducing opportunistic diseases attributed to high parasitaemia. The general objective here is to accompany them on various plans to plural fulfillment. We work with all 20 children living at the orphanage to CIBAEVA FOTO in the town of Dschang. Since January 26, 2019, sessions of revisions and tests are performed in order to achieve improved academic performance of at least 5%.

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