The challenge was to find and adequate model of the life point of the organization and that is operational to enable us to reach the set objectives, the Social Businnes, concretized by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Price of Peace and founder of the Grameen Bank.

The Social Businnes provides that profits of commercial enterprises should be invested on social projects other than been distributed to the shareholders.

The association Uni2Grow has created a society in Cameroon operating in the software sector, the Uni2Grow Cameroon which directs objectives and strategies.

In more details, the mechanism to finance students, harvests mandates of European companies, in a computer context willing to give outsourcing software development activities

The company in Cameroon realizes the requested by the customers, under the wise control operated by a specialized staff belonging to the association, guaranteeing the quality of the executed work.

The difference between the remuneration paid and the cost of the Cameroonian society represents the amount the association use to fund the scholarship

By so doing, the association guarantees the continuity of the activity in the society by which, its work generates indirectly what is used to finance the scholarship of their fellow townsman.

Another objective which the association wants to attain is that of participating the scholarship holders in the development of the software society, during and after their university course.

Uni2grow cameroun team